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Valeo Beep & Park Parking Assistance System (rear)


The 'Beep & Park' car parking sensors by Valeo, is not just a mere accessory, but a superb device that over the next few years will become standard equipment on all new cars. Why? A genuine need...

Reduced visibility behind and in front of the vehicle, smaller and smaller parking places, painted bumpers that are more attractive but more liable to damage from minor impacts, constantly rising repair costs… these inconveniences are just a few of the many reasons to equip your vehicle with a car parking sensors.

Valeo has created 'Beep & Park' park assist system, to be compatible with any vehicle and to offer drivers peace of mind in all parking situations.

'Beep & Park' car parking sensors features:

Audio signal - using 4 rear mounted ultrasound sensors, the onboard system detects any obstacle behind the vehicle (other vehicles, pedestrians, curbstones, etc) and informs the driver of its proximity with an audio signal that begins when an obstacle is 1.5 metres away and intensifies and becomes continuous when the vehicle comes within 30 cm of the object With 'Beep & Park' rear parking sensors the vehicle can be parked quickly and easily in complete safety. The 'Beep & Park' reverse parking sensors unit offers easy installation, smooth integration and with their small size the parking sensors allow discreet mounting in the bumpers without affecting the overall look of the vehicle.

This Valeo kit is 'ready to use' containing all the items needed for installation by a competent DIY'er or professional. The pack includes:

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