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CAR POWER INVERTER This little gadget converts your car 12v battery to run near on any electrical items in your car up to a 350W

They are ideal for XBOX & PLAY STATIONS in the car to be used with the DVD HEADRESTS or FLIPDOWN DVD player.

You can buy AC Converters in Computor shops,but trust me they are rubbish they will not even power a Hairdryer ive tried. Protection function :shortcircuit/overload/over voltage/overheating the inerter can convert 12V(24v for diesel powered car ) DC of automobile to 220v /50HZ AC ,and its output rated power is 350w,Appliance in automobile whose service power is less than 350w ,and voltage is 220v AC can be uesd by the product ,refrigerator, notebook PC ,printer,electronic game machine ,video camera ,digital camera etc,and their batteries,of course,it is suitable for electric drill etc, electric tools whose service power is less than 350w Charge up MP3,play MP4,cellphone ,digital camera,DV vidicon,plam computer,CD/DVD emergency lighting ,electric fan , electric camping equipment,hand-held computer,minitelevsion,electric tools,TV,desktop computer Input voltage 10V-15V/20V-30V Output voltage : 110V or 220V Output frequency: 50HZ or 60 HZ Delivered power :350w USB Out 0.5V Weight of the product 0.6KG

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