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Never leave your car windows open again to thieves to rob your car with the Auto Close Window Kit.
This little gadget will work when you lock your car with the Key,Remote Keyfob or keyless entry and will close any windows that have been left open by mistake.
All controls still work in the car, if you want to lock doors while driving and still have the window down, you can.
As soon as the ACC is turned on by key the Auto window close kit is disabled, until the ACC is off it then becomes comes live again.
All PLUG and PLAY, un-plug plugs from bottom of window switches, plug the module plugs into window switches and the original plugs from switch into the module plugs and it’s nearly done.
There’s one wire that has to be connected by Scotch-lock to a pulse wire and then it’s all up and running.




A. Once the car ACC is OFF, the DOOR MIRRORS will be AUTO FOLDING through the following controls.

1. Using the remote control to central lock the car doors.

2. Using the car key to central lock the car doors (from driver side).

3. The driver central locks the car doors by manual control from the inside of car (from driver side).

 Also work with the tekna's ikey button on the door handle



B. the DOOR MIRRORS will be AUTO UNFOLDED to normal position through the following controls.

1. Car ACC ON

2. Unlock the Central lock (through the remote control or car key)

Also work with the tekna's ikey button on the door handle



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